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Viral Bikes Viral Bikes

Viral Bikes Viral Bikes

Viral Bikes

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Viral Bikes sole mission is to create the best riding bikes on the planet and deliver them to you in a way that absolutely exceeds your expectations. Not too lofty, right? How does a small company do that, especially with the big dogs and their unlimited resources? By being smart, working smart, and devoting every single decision to ‘how can I make this bike or the consumers experience better?’ We scrutinize, break, redo, remake, and try again. We agonize over the little things, even something as trivial as the angle or placement of a cable guide. Nothing is too small and no detail is overlooked. Our goal is lofty, but our dedication shows through on every Viral Bikes product we sell. We want to maximize your experience from beginning to end, and redefine how the industry and the consumer interact. Viral is about the ride, but it’s also about the infectious way you are treated from the moment you call to the moment you receive your brand new Viral Bike, and past that in the way that we take care of you, should you ever have a question, concern, or issue.

Steve Domahidy is the founder of Viral Bikes. As a 35+ year veteran of the bicycling industry, Steve has had his hands in almost every cog in the wheel, pun intended. Steve is the co-founder of Niner and stepped away from having built that into a worldwide brand in 2011 to seek new challenges in other markets. Shortly after, Steve helped launch Factor Bikes and designed their award winning first bike, the Vis Vires, which would later become the Factor One. He also helped launch Faraday Bikes, an electric commuter bike company out of San Francisco and still uses his to this day to get around town. The last four years had seen Steve dedicated to USA built bikes. He was hired by Argonaut Cycles to design their new bikes, the award winning RM3 and the newly released, and already award winning, GR3. In addition to designing the bikes for Argonaut, Steve designed and developed the molding technology Argonaut uses, and patented this technology with Argonaut. He designed the molds, the molding process, and opened Argonaut’s own factory in Bend, OR. 

Viral launched in 2016 as a new brand, branched off of his Domahidy Designs brand to concentrate on alternative drivetrain ideas. Since the inception of the company, Viral has been using the Pinion gearbox, and continues to push the envelope of this technology with Pinion. The bike debuting at the MADE show this year is the culmination of years of work and dedication to what Steve believes is the next iteration of the modern mountain bike. 

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A multi-day trade event with consumer-facing days, as well as industry-only days for media meetings, content creation, and community building.

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