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Look closely: every curve and line of the Speedvagen frame is designed to look and work perfectly together. The headtube, for example, is shaped perfectly to pair with the lines of the Enve Composites fork, smoothly transitioning from frame to headset to fork crown. The tubing of the frame is robust at the front of the frame and is smaller toward the seatmast, to smooth out any roughness from the road that’s transmitted up to the saddle and the rider. The seat stays hug the wheel tapering flat and wide for a smooth ride and creating a beautiful silhouette from behind. Frame-to-component interfaces are mated with stainless reinforcement in high-wear areas—their curvatures smoothly blending between the tubes they attach.

The ultimate example is our integrated Di2 battery that tucks away inside your seat mast with our own machined aluminum cap that echoes the shape of a classic sports car gas cap – not only is it beautiful, but it requires no tools, it’s silent and is a pleasure to use. Small parts like cable stops, stainless steel reinforced brake bridges, head tube reinforcing rings, and down tube adjusters and big parts like our custom super strong tubing are all of our own design. Each detail is there to improve on what has historically been done in the bike world.

Now, no one detail on it’s own is going to change your life. Heck you may not even notice some of them for years! But the hundreds of little (and big) details add up to make a bike that is different than anything out there and give you the lively, all day comfort, “why am I going faster than any other bike I’ve owned?!” ride that Speedvagen is known for.

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A multi-day trade event with consumer-facing days, as well as industry-only days for media meetings, content creation, and community building.

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