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Mone Bikes

Mone Bikes Mone Bikes

Mone Bikes Mone Bikes

Mone Bikes

01 About

Mone Bikes is basically a guy in a delivery van that brazes stuff. It’s also a lady who makes coaster brake wheels. And another guy who runs finishing. And some other frames and things made by a shop in Taiwan. Oh, and the Schwinns… Cjell “does” schwinns.

Location: Silver City, New Mexico

Type of bikes: Dirt positive

Incorporated: 2012

Items In Production: La Roca hardtail, El Continente +dirt drop teurer, El Pebblito gravel miracle, LightBar carbon riser, MealReplacementBar cruisy steel riser, Oddmone Oddity-Money collab handlebar perfection, coaster brake coolers, torque arms, flange adapters, hubs, built wheels and wheelsets, raw brass – spoke nipples, seat clamps, valve caps, bar ends, top caps, HS spacers, SS spacer and dope schwag.

03 Phone

000 000 000

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Mone Bikes

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03 What to Expect

A multi-day trade event with consumer-facing days, as well as industry-only days for media meetings, content creation, and community building.

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