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Long-time friends, old coworkers, and new business partners; Sean Eagleton and B Vivit have taken very separate routes through the bicycle industry. Sean owns his own bike company that can be credited with not only keeping fixed gear freestyle alive(and well) in the Bay Area and supporting BMX, but pioneering more than a few new geometry trends. 

B used to sit at the shop and marvel at what Sean and his friends were doing; it did, in fact, light a fire with her that she used to fuel her winding path through welding school. Then finding jobs that would allow her to pursue her framebuilding passion all the way to Boston, MA and back to Portland, OR for production welding and fabricating. Most recently becoming a recipient of the SRAM Inclusivity and Diversity scholarship. 

All-in-all, these separate paths through the industry mean that Sean and B bring almost 40 years of very different experiences between the two of them to a new white label. Lunchtime Bike Co, LLC is a conversation between fabricators, mechanics, and designers; we are an American-made, BIPOC-femme-welded steel bicycle frame batch production company located in Portland, OR. 

We know, it’s a lot <3.

Sean Eagleton:

When he started riding at 10 years old, Sean Eagleton was too impatient to wait for someone else to fix his bike, so he learned how to do it. When he was introduced to fixed gear bikes, he couldn’t wait for someone to design the bike he wanted to ride, so he did. He sought out learning from the best. He co-founded his first company, Destroy Bike Co. in 2011 and has been designing frames and machining them ever since. He met B, his Lunchtime counterpart, in the Destroy shop, and a lifelong friendship began. They ended up in Portland at the same time in 2021 and worked together at Simple Bike Co and found they were the perfect producing match. They are so excited to get to work building quality American made frames together. 

B Vivit:

From the Bay Area, to Ashland, to Boston, to Portland,OR; B followed a single dream across the US and back again. That is to build bicycles. After a stint in the mechanical side of the industry, B learned that welding was both her passion and her long-time project. Starting with local community college classes in machining and welding as well as a single class with Paul Brodie; she continued to practice at UBI while being a mechanics instructor. Her first full-time welding job was at Seven Cycles, where she failed miserably. Here’s where the friends come in. Oscar Camarena and Chris Blandford, of Simple Bicycle Co, believed she could be an awesome welder and help lead production. Soon, they brought on Sean, under recommendation of B, and the friendship came full circle. They are so excited to make your batch-production, steel frame bike dreams come true.




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A multi-day trade event with consumer-facing days, as well as industry-only days for media meetings, content creation, and community building.

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