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Frances Cycles

Frances Cycles Frances Cycles

Frances Cycles Frances Cycles

Frances Cycles

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I have a wide range of interests relating to cycling and tend to regard the everyday moving about in the world with hope and possibility.  Cars have destroyed our landscapes and cycling wrestles it back.  Finding paths and connections, wiggles to pass thru and feel the geography, route finding through vast landscapes or encroaching mazes. Among other things, riding embodies the dreamy hopes of adventure cycling, the defiance of messenger life, and the simple satisfaction of doing it yourself.

I want to live in a car-free neighborhood, where people walk or ride bikes to their destinations for everyday living, where there are many paths and few roads. This interplay between recreation and dreams of urban re-creation is embedded in my design process. I am fortunate to have a stable workshop and people interested in what I build. 

The Farfarer single-wheeled trailer is over a decade old and has proven a great design. The Farfarer attaches to most bikes and adds another level of fun, cargo, and utility, without sacrificing performance. Top 10 Gear of 2022. Check out #farfarer on IG.

I think the Frances Spatula may be the best spatula you can buy. Silver-brazed stainless spring-steel blade and wooden handle, made with durable, artful design. 

I also build bicycles to order with a design style that may be in the French Randoneuring tradition dragged thru the mud of California Cuisine.  Designs include the classic Tourist, the Mixtehaul, the Smallhaul, and the Bici Corta.

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A multi-day trade event with consumer-facing days, as well as industry-only days for media meetings, content creation, and community building.

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