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Fabbro Industries Fabbro Industries

Fabbro Industries

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Fabbro Industries, LLC, located in upstate NY, is an R&D and fabrication company focused on small batch, high quality manufacturing of metal components. We are rooted in the world of two wheels with our flagship technology, the Type 57x®. This patented integrated suspension bicycle (or motorcycle) frame removes the pivot axle and integrates the rear suspension into existing frame members, maximizing form and function and creating free space inside the frame. This makes the Type 57x an ideal platform for dual-sports, hybrids, e-bikes, and other emerging climate-friendly EV technologies.

Inspired by the limitations of hardtail motorcycle frames lacking rear suspension, we recognized a shared predicament faced by cyclists: the trade-off between comfort and clean aesthetics. Motivated to address this challenge, we adapted our patented suspension system for bicycles, resulting in a purpose-built solution tailored for everyday riding. Our system utilizes four removable shock absorbers threaded into the frame, providing flexibility for tuning and servicing. Whether encountering rough terrain on light trails or unexpected bumps during your ride, the Type 57x is designed to keep your tires in contact with the ground and you in the saddle longer – and most importantly, it’s fun to ride.

At Fabbro Industries, our primary focus is to finalize development and introduce the Type 57x to riders. We are offering pilot programs for larger manufacturers interested in leveraging this revolutionary system. The frame was created, patented, and prototyped by Terence Musto, the founder of Fabbro Industries, in-house in Voorheesville, NY.

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A multi-day trade event with consumer-facing days, as well as industry-only days for media meetings, content creation, and community building.

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