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Argonaut Cycles

Argonaut Cycles Argonaut Cycles

Argonaut Cycles Argonaut Cycles

Argonaut Cycles

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Our proposal to the cycling world? Eliminate barriers. Close distances. Bring the customer into the fold. Throughout your entire Argonaut journey— from intake to take off—you’re more than just part of the process. You are the hub.

Argonaut Cycles is an engineering and manufacturing company whose sole purpose is to make the best bike in the world, period. Our people, our quality control, our manufacturing, our finishing, and our customer service are all directed at this singular goal. We mold our frame parts using a patented process called High Pressure Silicone Molding (HPSM) to eliminate fiber distortion and inter-laminate voids. We use frame specific tooling for our Proven and Full-Custom geometries. We engineer custom, rider specific carbon layup patterns, getting you, the rider, on the best bike you could possibly ride.

Designed, tested, and built in Bend, OR, we’re proud to employ 20+ dedicated, talented, and experienced individuals who are encouraged to embody the ethos of continuous improvement. We are each dedicated to the process of doing things better so that the next person down the line is able to do their job better. This means paying livable wages, offering health care, and being 100% accountable at every stage of the journey in achieving our singular goal of making the best bike in the world… our True North, and the journey to conquer this challenge is what gets us out of bed and motivated to be better every day.

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A multi-day trade event with consumer-facing days, as well as industry-only days for media meetings, content creation, and community building.

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