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Alchemy Bikes

Alchemy Bikes Alchemy Bikes

Alchemy Bikes Alchemy Bikes

Alchemy Bikes

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Handmade in Colorado, Alchemy was founded in 2008 with a mission to build and deliver the best ride experience possible. Alchemy is at the intersection of form and function as they merge the highest-quality carbon fiber and titanium frames with stunning aesthetics.


Alchemy’s DARE (Discover Alchemy’s Ride Experience) program allows you 30 days to make sure your bike is perfect for you. And with the DARE Golden package, you can head to Alchemy’s experience center outside of Golden, CO, and receive a free night at a  hotel, test rides, and fitting! With extensive engineering, prototyping, and a highly collaborative process that involves the rider at every step of the way, the result is always a perfect bicycle. 

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Alchemy Bikes

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A multi-day trade event with consumer-facing days, as well as industry-only days for media meetings, content creation, and community building.

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