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A Love Letter To Cycling...

Wilde is the culmination of a lifelong journey, it is the manifestation of all of our hopes, dreams, experience, and passion. We create custom and production bicycles in steel and titanium. We are in the business of saying "yes." If it can be done and it's your bicycle dream, we can create it utilizing our amazing network of talented collaborators. We love all aspects of cycling from running errands to gravel adventures, from cyclocross to bike packing, and singletrack to velodrome. We are forever in love with the culture, the sport, and most importantly the people. Wilde is the brainchild of Jeffrey Frane, who previously founded All-City Cycles. We are based out of Minneapolis, MN and are trying as hard as we possibly can.


August 24-27, 2023 Zidell Yards Portland, OR