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Wales, UK


Twmpa Cycles is a small frame building workshop based in Wales, in the United Kingdom, founded in 2019 by Andrew Dix, a master woodworker and cycling enthusiast. Andy started making wooden frames while still running his furniture design and making business, following an earlier career in engineering. Andy now works full-time in the business and is excited to bring Twmpa Cycles to the US.

Twmpa cycles set out to design and manufacture the finest gravel bikes, using unique wooden frames. These frames are tough, light, stiff and responsive with a unique ability to absorb vibrations, combining exceptional comfort with remarkable performance and a high level of environmental sustainability.

Wood looks fantastic, it is tough and hard-wearing and offers natural shock absorption, making it the perfect eco-friendly frame material for a gravel bike.

Match the best gravel-friendly components with the stunning frame, and you have a bike built for performance, longevity, and fun.


August 24-27, 2023 Zidell Yards Portland, OR