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Ashland, OR


I'm Will Scharen and I started Scharen Cycles to build bikes that are fun for ripping around on single track and down the dirt back roads in the mountains of Southern Oregon. My focus is on utilizing forward geometry to maximize the handling characteristics of mountain and gravel bikes for steep and fast riding in hilly terrain. The bikes I build are fillet brazed and styled with a rugged elegance. The utilitarian beauty of the raw, functional fillet is honestly shown, revealing the craftsmanship of every frame. I prefer the symmetry of tube-on-tube construction (no yokes here) and the functional style of plate dropouts. My bikes are constructed of steel with metal components (rather than plastic or composites) for maximum recyclability. At the heart of it I make bikes that last, are functional works of art, and you will love to ride.


August 24-27, 2023 Zidell Yards Portland, OR