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Napa, Ca


Celebrating 30 years of bike building in 2023, Curtis Inglis has had a lifelong love of bicycles back to his beloved Stingray as a young child. The distinctive curves of that bike fueled his desire to create something special within the bicycle building community. Retrotec is the culmination of that, with curved tubes bent in a precise manner that he has honed for the last three decades. The Inglis Cycles side of his building studio focuses on the traditional straight tube bicycle. Curtis has something special in mind for each and every customer.

When not building, he can be found riding bikes and motorcycles, tinkering and driving vintage cars, and dreaming up the next frame configuration to share with his customers.

Reach out to discuss bikes, cars or motos!

IG: @retrotecbikes


August 24-27, 2023 Zidell Yards Portland, OR