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Seattle, WA


RatKing Frames was founded by Smith Levi in 2013 with an emphasis on utility and fun. It began in the Oakland hills and currently exists in Seattle Washington, but the riding characteristics and influence of the Bay Area riding remain. RatKing offers hand built frames from road to hard tails, emphasizing larger tires and intuitive handling. Crush a fire road climb, drop into some single tracks, descend through steep winding roads to grab a coffee and a donut, and jam out to the beach, RatKing is here to help you ride to your ride.  

RatKing is also a production Rack Builder. RatKing has begun offering dedicated Bikepacking and Basketpacking racks to suit the needs of commuters and Bikepackers alike.

RatKing's latest offering is a limited batch bike focused on the joy of riding. A bigger tired road bike, road plus, all road, gravel grinder, cyclocross, monstercross, dirt touring, drop bar / flat bar fun bike, the kind your sister wants.


August 24-27, 2023 The Rose Quarter Portland, OR