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My name is B. Yes, just like the first letter in bicycle. 

I’ve held many jobs throughout the bike industry and across the country; grassroots marketer and copywriter, to mechanics instructor, to lead fabricator for many well-known labels and finally owner. I like to focus on efficiency of design and process without losing an eye for detail. In 2022 SRAM and PBE gave me the opportunity to showcase my skills at the Philadelphia Bike Expo with my Titanium Klunker [you might remember the speed holes…]. 

HotSalad Bicycles;

As for the name; HotSalad means laughing until your sides ache, instantly creating family from strangers, and crowding around campfires as the sun sets. The cycling community can be the best, most inclusive, and incredibly rewarding family when you find the right people. And more often than not, I’ve found that my connections riding bikes have been incredibly deep, rich, and supportive. 

My sincerest wish for HotSalad Bicycles is that you create memories like my own inspiration for the name. That any bicycle I make will give you that shit-eating grin and tear-inducing laughter, that the community and the space you find as a result of riding becomes this incredible core memory. That the beauty you find, chasing adventure(gravel, road, circular, mountainous, etc.) and as a result of the company you keep on your bicycle, is just as cherished as this memory of mine. And that you start to pass that on to the people you meet too.




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August 24-27, 2023 Zidell Yards Portland, OR