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Irvine, CA


Tim Lane builds DIGIT BIKES in Southern California. Digit's use a unique suspension mechanism named ANALOG, which requires fewer parts to deliver improved reliability, chassis stiffness, lightweight water bottle carrying capacity, seat drop, and most importantly to include a custom-designed, handbuilt strut named INTEGER. The Integer strut incorporates bushings, like in a fork, to protect the shock shaft from side loads, to guide the suspension linkage, and to contain a much greater volume of air and oil than on other shocks - this delivers improved suspension control and service life. 

Digit's first model, named DATUM, is a multi-award-winning all-mountain bike that offers 140mm of rear wheel suspension for forks having 160mm. Though conceived for improved stiffness and durability in mind, the reduced number of parts in the Analog linkage results in Datum being over 2lb lighter than many of its carbon competitors.

A trail bike named RING is currently in development; it will offer about 125mm of rear travel to match a 140mm fork.


August 24-27, 2023 The Rose Quarter Portland, OR