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Steamboat Springs, CO


Bingham Built has been an evolution of Brad Bingham's career building titanium bikes since his days at both Moots Cycles and Eriksen Cycles decades ago. Brad worked alongside Kent Eriksen (the founder of Moots) for many years, and had the opportunity to take over Eriksen Cycles in 2016 as Kent retired. The transition into Bingham Built didn't take long as many loyal clients requested to have their bikes branded Bingham Built. We're a small operation of only 3 employees, creating 70-80 unique bikes per year. Bingham Built frames are made solely in our shop in Steamboat Springs, CO. They are crafted from the bottom up, one at a time, and specifically designed for each rider. All our frames are titanium as we believe it is the best material for bicycle building and riding. 


August 24-27, 2023 Zidell Yards Portland, OR