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Portland, OR


Remember when riding bikes was fun? When it wasn’t about social media posts, how fast / light / stiff it is, electronic everything, GPS’s, the latest greatest new thing, and how much money you spent on your bike. When riding a bike was about being outside, alone or with friends. Just messing around in the woods or on the roads. Ill-informed, unprepared bike camping trips. Getting soaked on a ride, back when we didn’t have pocket robots to tell us where the nearest clouds are. Running out of liquids on a sunny, hot climb and needing to ask a neighborly stranger to fill your water bottle for you. Half the time they’d give you a beer too, and you’d stand around and chat about what life is like where they live. Conversations around a campfire or at the post-ride hangout. Packing way too much stuff, but being happy that you did. Riding to the start of the ride, and back home again with legs made of jello. Getting lost but not caring, because you know you are still on the map somewhere. When adventures were everywhere.

Our bicycles aren’t going to make you faster, go further, or guarantee you a spot on the podium… That’s up to you and your legs. But a Bantam bicycle will make it more fun. We aim to bring back the joy and magic of riding a bike. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Based in Portland, OR, Bantam Bicycle Works has 19 years of framebuilding experience, fabricating well crafted steel bicycle framesets of every type imaginable.


August 24-27, 2023 Zidell Yards Portland, OR